Special Thanks;

Tiphaine Walton-Chargée de Coopération Scientifique et Universitaire

Marc Ivarra

For their interest and understanding

Fayçal Bey is a real gentleman who accompanied me for the whole week.

Myriel Rizzo from the Ministry of French Foreign affairs. I felt their support and the attention constantly in every moment of my trip.

I am honoured, by the invitation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France.

Many thanks, to everyone who played a role in this programme.

They identified the people, Institutes, Companies, Universities, and the areas of my interest, and arranged meeting with their executive managers.

The Hotel I stayed at was at St. Germain, my favourite place in Paris, Central and lively.

Every trip I take to France has made a life-changing impact over me.



9th of May


Future leaders, started at Cofe de Flore with a meeting with the officer of the program, Myriel Rizzo from the Ministry of French Foreign Affairs. Mr. Rizzo informed me about the program in detail and also requested more detailed information about me.


Cafe De Flore

Cafe de Flore is one of the oldest and prestigious cafés in St. Germain decorated with Art Deco style. It is a beaten track for intellectual people, like Georges Bataille, Robert Desnos, Leon-Paul Farque, Raymond Quenea and even Picasso. Charles Maurras wrote his book Au Signe de Flore in this place. And it is still maintaining its popularity and welcoming the tourists and well-known people.




Anne Cecile Worms- CEO

Art and Technology – Working on projects that is combining art with machines.  When we talk about this issue of science and art, science is always explaining why and how things are working. Art is playing with what it means. Sometimes this border is too thin and things are of course not proven to be right but the important thing is to be bold enough to also risk failure. Because otherwise you always replicate those things that have already been successful.




The purpose is supporting the projects of the artists who are developing a relation between art, machine and technology, creating media for experimental art. Because of the digital age, the artist begins to integrate with technology more that creates a different branch. Within the Company there is two other companies, Makery and Artjaws.


MakeryCreating a culture over D.I.Y  (do it yourself) by easing the technology that can be used by everyone. The movement is spreading around the world with acceleration.


ArtJawsFor the project they founded an original online sale platform. They are creating an Art Market by Funding itself with a crowd funding mechanism that is also has in increasing importance.


Three examples of their artists:


Miguel Chevalier- French Digital Artist

Artist is working with layers of light in big-scale projects known as interactive light shows. He is inspired from biology and microorganisms, creating an organic universe, combining the overlapping pixels in a digital medium.

Chevalier has focused exclusively on the use of computer technology as an artistic means of expression, and has been exploring the question of the hybrid and generative image. He continues to be a trailblazer, and has proven himself one of the most significant digital artists on the contemporary scene.


Korean Artist- Hojun Song- Educated Engineering

Artist is an open-source cube satellite entrepreneur who creates cube satellites that are less then 1 kg. Hojun Song idea is to make it easy for people to own their own satellite, enabling lower prices from mass production, with the prices falling down to $4,000.  In 2011 making a contract with NovaNano Company, he launched his own cube satellite from Baikonur, Kazakhistan.



Judith Darmont- Urban Sprit- Digital Street Artist

With an interactive approach, by using LED and laser technology, turning cities to artworks, Darmont is working on graffiti by using digital mediums and augmented reality.


In my meeting with Anne Cecile Worms, she invited me to FIAC, and she is positive about working with foreign artists.




Last year for the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit that is focusing on innovation and new ideas, I came to the centre in June. They transformed the Building where inquisitions took place to an art, science and technology centre. They preserved the old metal beams of the original construction when restoring the place.


When experiencing Science, children can both learn science and spend time with their families.


They are hosting Permanent and Seasonal exhibitions, and conferences.


  • Exhibition about Darwin- Origin Of Species
  • Exhibition about Space- Planets


Solar Impulse 2

Experimental solar-powered aircraft fly around the world using only the power of the sun to show the potential of clean technologies. The key role in the success of the plane is in its lightness, that is, 2.3 tons, with a wingspan 73 metrse. In a telephone booth size cabin, the pilot stays 4 days when crossing the Atlantic Ocean with a sleep time of 20 minutes. In a sense, it is testing the strength of the pilot.


Urban Transformation (exhibition)

Dominique Bolbol, deputy director of exhibition, and Sophie Biecheler Fiocconi, Director of international affairs, made a presentation about their new exhibition, Urban Transformation. Actually they want to have the ‘Urban Transformation’exhibit in Turkey also.

The exhibition is about the concerns about urbanization, addressing these problems with a more artistic point of you, and developing a new perspective and reviews over the facts, we know as true.



10th May


Pascale de Seze- Communication Director

The director of the Decorative Arts Museum that is taking place in the Louvre Museum, Pascal De Seze, welcomed and informed about the museum. After the death of Beatrice, the daughter of Camondo family, her belongings at her house in Paris, was donated to the Museum.


The Museum consists of temporary and permanent exhibitions.

The permanent part of Museum came from the heritage of the Camondo family. Precious decorative craft works were derived with grants and donations to the museums. They did not make any cooperation with Turkey and Pascal de Seze gave the catalogue of the exhibition of Fashion Forward as a present.


Camondo Family

The family flourished as merchants in the business, established a modern banking system, and became the primer banker to the Ottoman Empire. In 1869, the family moved to Paris, France and they did not forget Istanbul and continuing their visit. The family left  remarkable works in Istanbul, in Bankalar Street, known as Camondo Staircase, and at the golden horn Camondo palace.


Fashion Forward

The exhibition is about the last 300 years of fashion and textile that has wide range of rare works from rare antiquity, Karl Lagerfeld to Yves Saint Laurent. It creates a look at the development of Industry and the change of life style in time.



As one of the most valuable pieces of our childhood times, the exhibition presents the evolution of Barbie in a timeline.



Jonathan Sinivassane- Business Development Director- India, Middle East and Africa- International Investment Promotion


They have a relation with Business France in Istanbul. France has about 3% of foreign start-up companies. They developed a project to increase the number of foreign start-usp in France. They support you and your project, including creating a network, providing an office area in an incubation zone, and a space for you to live affordably.

They said if I want, I can work with them, and this I am seriously considering.


When we are out from the meeting, we had a walk with Fayçal Bey at the most expensive zone of Paris and took a look at the art galleries and even visited the House of Victor Hugo.




Philippe Berdou – Advisor to the Director General

Thomas Etesse- Innovation Technologies

They were nearly in the same alignment with Paris&Co. To increase the number of foreign Start-up in Paris, they started a Program, the French Ticket Program (which I applied for this year).  As governmental support they fund selected projects with 45.000 Euro and create a network around you to develop a relation with France.



11th May


At night we settled down in our rooms in Toulouse and had our dinner at a very local restaurant.

Toulouse is known as red city because of the brick use in architecture. People are sincere and lively. Some matches of Euro 2016 are going to occur in Toulouse.


MADEELI- Development Export Innovation


Christophe Nicot- Managing Director

He made an introductory presentation about entrepreneurship in Toulouse, the organization Madeeli and their start-ups. Mr Nicot gave importance to my profession and gave examples about architecture.  For example, in construction if we use sensors which predict the weather, we can store wind or solar energy according to that prediction and use energy more effectively.

Aviation and Meteorology can even provide information for Architecture.  This was still inspiration to me in my speeches about smart cities.


Madeeli helps and supports their entrepreneurs for their adaptation and development in Toulouse.




Thilo Schönfeld- Deputy Director International Affairs

Mr Thilo Schönfeld made a presentation about the Space Valley. The cluster is the 3rd biggest cluster in France. 80% is SME. The

Toulouse Aerospace Valley is focusing on innovation-oriented projects about Aviation, Space and Embedded Systems.  The yearly budget for research and development is 6.5 billion Euros, and 4 billion is coming from private enterprises.

The European Union pays much attention to the cluster for it has an impact in creating collaborations, increasing business opportunities, and creating unification across society.

The Aerospace Valley is supporting their SMEs and the development of their competencies, their growth and their national and international competitiveness.  It connects the cluster’s domains with other Aeronautics and Space clusters, committees, and professional groups.


The great importance of Valley is coming from Airbus and Thales (Defense and Aviation) taking part in the cluster.


They pay great importance to Industry, Research and University based projects.  In the cluster, there are more than 9,000 research assistants within private and public laboratories.

Supporting Entrepreneurship

The ESA Business ıncubation Centre (BIC) Sud France opened in 2013 in the valley. The main objective of the BIC is to enable SMEs from the aerospace industry (and related sectors), to commercialize their innovative products.


Toulouse Space Show

Every two years, Aerospace Valley participates in the Toulouse Space Show, a major global forum dedicated to the progress in space infrastructure, technologies and applications. It gathers about 2,000 participants from many European and International countries around plenary sessions based on high-level keynotes, round tables, exhibitions and demonstrations.


Product portfolio

  • Civil aviation
  • Business aviation
  • Military aviation
  • Turbo engines
  • Cockpits
  • Gear
  • Satellites
  • Ramps, Thrust (boost), Re-entry to Atmosphere




12th May



Florence Ibarra – Directrice Adjointe

Paris Belleville is one of the most important schools for architecture, and it is situated in the 19th district.

The most distinguishing speciality of the university is its relation with the Ministry of Culture not with the  Ministry of Education.

In French, architecture is seeing as part of culture, so that the Architectural Faculties are working with the Ministry of Culture.

The curriculum of the University is 6 years, and at the end of six years, the graduates are authorized to approve architectural projects.  The classes are based on Architectural Heritage, Design Studio, History of Architecture, Urban Planning, Construction, Detailing, Human Factors, Environmental and Spatial Relations, Electives in Visual Arts, Wood laboratory, 3D Printing Studio, and Copy Centre.

Students experience 3D printing and laser cut studios to develop their models.

It accepts foreign students with the Erasmus Program.

This year, 3500 students applied for the Belleville University, 600 hundred passed through the first stage, and only 30 of them are accepted.

When selecting students, the commission is not only accepting the best ones but considers students’ talent and imagination abilities.

Computer drawing is not over valuated, and the University pays attention to experimental design.




Centre Pompidou

The project of Architect Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers was awarded as the first prize in the architectural design competition whose jury was Oscar Niemeyer, Jean Prouve, and Philip Johnson. The building is a symbol for the industrial era. The HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system and mechanical components of the building are taken outside and work as a part of the building.



Colours create an expression in the construction like Green: Plumbing, Blue: climate control, yellow:  Electrical Wires, Red; safety.


As interesting information, 2nd winner for the same competition was Head of Architectural Faculty- ODTÜ University, Selahattin Önür.


Pierre Paulin

Because of a problem in his hand, he failed to be a sculptor and became a designer who created the codes of modern furniture and developed a language that we perceive as contemporary furnishers today. Seeing the original of the design and the way they exhibited is an important experience for an architect.

Pierre Paulin is the designer of the Mushroom Stool that was very famous in 1960’s.

The furniture that we see in the awesome movie of Stanley Kubrick, 2001 Space Odyssey, is inspired from Pierre Paulin.


At Pompidou Centre, with Fayçal Bey, we also saw the masters like Picasso, Gia Commetti, Paul Klee, and Brancusi.


The endless column that belongs to Brancusi was also exhibited in the centre that was one of my favourite sculptures.




The Museum is entirely dedicated to the discovery and knowledge of architecture and the city in all their forms both from past and present. As a research centre for architectural, urban and landscape culture, it contributes to the promotion of the built heritage and urban areas.

Permanent collections: gallery of cast, wall paintings, stained glass, gallery of modern and contemporary architecture where you can experience an apartment of Le Corbusier on 1/1 model.            Temporary exhibitions: large format exhibitions can even take place, monographers, themed exhibitions, small exhibitions dedicated to younger public.


6.future leader-france

13th May



Philippe Eudeline- President of Aerospace, Aviation Rocket Defence and Security Cluster

The cluster has 92 companies employing over 14.000 people. The Members of the cluster are providing training courses giving higher importance to research in the cutting-edge areas.

60% of funding for research and development projects comes from public institutions and 40% is coming from private enterprises.

Main Technology Subjects

  • Materials
  • Electronics
  • Energy
  • Translational Technological Subjects



IRSEEM- Embedded Electronic Systems Research Institute

ESIGELEC- Graduate School of Engineering


Sandra Saas- Director of Communication and Student Relations

This research centre is working on security and network architecture, digitalisation of big data (scalable applications), Machine learning, mobile networks, IP, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Cryptography, Digital Certificates, Socket Programming, Security Audit, Operator Services, Hot Spots, Business Intelligence and fiber optics.


The first research group was working on a robot project and they were a finalist in the competition of TOTAL. The Robot was developed for way finding and sensor technology. Way finding is a complex system and research group is going to work on the robot for one year, for the final presentation.



The second research group was working on driverless cars that are going to be the future of cars. They are not allowed in traffic yet.

Within the embedded systems engineering, development of embedded system for driverless cars was taking place at the centre. Connected objects are a diffraction of these systems.

Sustainable Development

Wind energy panels are developments and distribution of energy researches are done in the Institution.


The third laboratory has no electromagnetic waves so that antenna measurement is done here. System is very expensive, and only rare universities in the world have this. In Turkey at ODTU University, there is a similar system.


Fourth Laboratory is performing research and development over and outer surface of aircraft engine. Control, engine diagnostics and complex systems is examined here also.

CEVAA – Vibration/Acoustic /Feasibility


Fabrice Fouquer– Responsible Commercial

The company is testing the products of Automotive and Aerospace based companies. CEVAA is testing the feasibility, vibration and acoustic performance of the products. In the first laboratory for vibration testing, the company is testing the vibration durability of the components. The second laboratory is for acoustic testing and measuring absorption and emitting of sound.

The company is defining the design weakness and assisting companies with specifications.






Dr. Armelle Cessou- Research and Development Director

There is Engineering Institution (INSIS)

Rouen University- Applied Science Institution (INSA)

The afternoon part was scientific and exceptional and extraordinary.

CORIA is a member of Astech, and the core of ESP. In the year 2011 establish laboratory of excellence and working on new generation Helicopter engines.


Optic and Laser

Professor from applies science and his research team

This department is dealing with all the problems related to interaction of light with macroscopic matter (droplets, soot, particles, aerosol, etc.). The first objective is to develop analytical and numerical tools for the calculation of the characteristics of this interaction (scattered, absorbed energy, etc.). The second objective is the design of innovative diagnostic techniques or the improvement of existing techniques, allowing the measurement of the properties of the objects under study (size, velocity, temperature, chemical species concentration, etc.). It leads to the creation of new instruments which are able to work in all industrials conditions, but also to the adaption of existing techniques to specific industrial applications. The approaches chosen in this department are global, in the sense that all the measurement process is subject to research, from the laser source to signal detection.


Laser and Dense Media Diagnostics

The purpose of this group is investigating the interaction between the cloud and the light particles forming aggregates by creating an interaction between light and matter, making optical measurements, and working on different and simultaneous interactions between particles.

I visited the laboratories where they are performing their experiments and they explained it in a very detailed way.

This information obtained is going to pave the way for space research and will be uses to compare the light coming from different start to analyse the material structure of the planet.


Applied Mathematics


Eduardo Souza de Cursi- Professor- Director of European and International Relations

The last meeting of the day was with Professor Eduardo Souza De Cursi and has been working on Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Applied Mathematics.

In the laboratory (ROUEN University- Mechanical Laboratory),

Directing the experimental, numerical and theoretical studies of mechanical structures and systems with uncertainty and randomness.