01 Great Architect of Universe is an esoteric name carried from ancient times to the present day. Since modern concepts of life are now scientifically based, the concept of the Great Architect of Universe needs to evolve as well.

We know now that the messengers in the brain are neurons and the maestro is the pituitary gland. The individual can go beyond biological limits and can become an architect and reconstruct the self and surrounding
Great Architect
of Universe


01 All things are designed and are the result of the inspiration of the mind which is the primary construct of all that exists and that will be

Great Architect of Universe starts with a collection of unique images of a girl looking through sunglasses to the universe and interacting with the built universe as correlated with nature. It will then underline the great ideas and structures that enable humanity in the advance of the meaning and reconstruction of their existence.

01 As we continue to understand the correlation between the structure of the brain and the universe, our perception will enlarge to understand the absolute and universe which is the Infinite Canvas. We are creating the Infinite Canvas as a place open to everyone to share their art and wisdom by using the icons of Great Architect of Universe