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What Is the project?

Project is a city furniture entailing the concept of Internet of things; electronic informatics and design and is based on smart city systems.

It is developed to enhance the smartness of all the products around us as smart systems are now standing out even more effectively.

What makes it stand out amongst others is that—together with the improvements in its outdoor unit—it serves as a timeline with a feed of people posts that might be in the form of videos, images, pictures or statuses where they explain their feelings and thoughts. You will also have the customization option with the application we will develop as part of the project. Apart from that, it will be possible to offer a greener product with the options like Wi-Fi access, ability to charge your mobile devices and solar energy.

The product consists of three spaces as follows:


  1. Outdoor furniture a surface that makes it available for you to work with your computer,
  2. With a height where it is possible for you to lean back when standing up and spending outdoor time
  3. A stage function where personal performances can be delivered.


What Is the objective of the project?

Smart outdoor furniture will be the urban hub. Forward-thinking cities are able to harness the smartness of their citizens. When on the go, people want to enjoy working with their computers and sending e-mails by utilizing a product design which greets them around parks, museums or squares etc. Through our solution, people can charge their devices from a solar-powered park bench. Of course they can also take the advantage of Wi-Fi hotspots. Tapping into air conditioning facilities, cities can adjust the heating depending on the season. Through our application titled Furniture Memory, people can follow events, news etc., while announcing theirs and making status updates. Performers can just go on the platform, film and broadcast their show.


  1. To offer a product with a furniture-like memory as a result of developing one with an application.
  2. Researching the architectural object integration of sensor technology, and gaining experience and knowledge so as to learn how to use these
  3. Developing 3 different proposals as to design and space for utilization in city centers, squares as well as in front of schools or business buildings.
  4. Researching and exploring as well as determining the usage of materials to avoid any attempts of vandalism and security breaches in outdoor units.


What problem does your project solve?


The world is becoming more “connected” and building somatosensory bridges between cities and people. Accelerating urbanization triggers our need to “stay connected”, not only with other people but also with objects, communication catalysts. Considering the vision of the Internet of Things (IoT), an emerging phenomenon, we have ended up at a missing link, a pit in the urban street furniture.


Hosting a large number of visitors and increasing in population, cities should keep up with this regeneration. You may sit on a desk outdoors or just stand at a bar and communicate with people. You can just enjoy the nice weather at a park with your laptop or create an artificial stage for enthusiasts or street artists. This is the future and we should encourage this vision to claim our position. Therefore, we will need urban high-tech furniture products and connection hotspots.


While philosophers and psychologists are concerned with the loss of humane values caused by the alienating and robotizing the people, we want to integrate technology into people’s lives by creating a Love Mark out of it. We aim to unify human with living spaces and cities, while eliminating the negative impact of technology. Therefore, we need creative design, industry and architecture approaches.

Why has the project have the potential to transfer urban spaces?


The innovative aspect of project is that it offers a platform where different ideas can be integrated into. A team of computer game developers can adapt themselves to the environment or a company engaged in music industry can also adapt itself to this idea.


What we see is a society that desires to express itself in the outdoor areas too, thus we want to help them find such a platform. The project can bear different features varying according to the space of utilization.


What we aim with this project is to create a center of gathering and meeting for people. We just need to create a space where people can enjoy some coffee and chat, where they can be heard, where they can have fun, while also still maintaining their presence on virtual environments. This way, there will also be a place for artists to stand, a corner and platform where they can perform their art in the outdoors.


The most significant aspect of project is that it entails architecture, technology and design. By building an interdisciplinary system, the project offers an interconnected and organic structure where these systems can interact with each other. It is not focusing on one aspect solely. The goal here is rather follow the route of projects, which offer larger perspectives, enhancing the bond between humans and objects with the inclusion of architecture too.